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GoNNER Launches on Nintendo Switch with Exciting Trailer

Art in Heart and Raw Fury Games released their quirky procedurally-generated rougelike platformer GoNNER on Nintendo Switch today, so they also put out a launch trailer to celebrate.

For those who don’t know. GoNNER released on PC last October. The game is a really tough score based procedurally-generated platformer that tells a story of friendship concerning Ikk, a space whale and named Sally, and Death. At the beginning of each run, players can choose from a bunch of different passive and active abilities to help them. The game has tons of secrets for players to find, which can net them items to assist them on their next run, daily challenges, and leaderboards for said challenges so players can see how they do compared to other players around the world.

The game was actually included in May’s Humble Monthly Bundle, but was confirmed to be releasing on Nintendo Switch all the way back in January alongside a Nintendo Switch version of Kingdom. The game was originally set to come out earlier this month, but was delayed. GoNNER is currently $9.99 on the Switch, though it is actually $2.99 on PC as part of the Steam Summer Sale.

You can watch the game’s launch trailer below. GoNNER is currently available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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