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PS4 Exclusive Genkai Tokki Castle Panzers Gets New Screenshots: Sexy Battle Styles and Tentacles

Today Compile Heart released a new batch of screenshots of its upcoming JRPG Genkai Tokki Castle Panzers

The screenshots showcases a CG scene with the usual tentacles (it’s a Genkai Tokki game, after all), and two battle styles that characters can use.

The Venus Style is a balanced and versatile style based mainly on close combat physical attacks. It aims to overwhelm the enemies in melee, and it’s the main style for close ranged battles.

The Knight Style is also for close combat physical attacks, boasting high offensive and defensive power. While it specialized in physical combat, it’s weak with magic. Compared with the Venus Style it hits less often, but the power of each blow is higher. It’s effective against enemies with high defense.

There will be more unrevealed styles, some of which are good at magic, while others are effective with magic. You can change style by changing underwear. Yeah. It’s definitely a Genkai Tokki Game.

Check the screenshots out below, and you can also see a previous batch, and the first trailer.

Genkai Tokki Castle Panzers will be release in Japan on September 28th, 2017 exclusively for PS4.

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