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Dynasty Warriors 9 Lets You Play Beardless Liu Bei and Xiahou Dun Without his Eyepatch

Today Koei Tecmo released a tidbit of interesting information about the upcoming open world Musou game Dynasty Warriors 9.

We learn that the recently-revealed Liu Bei will appear with and without his iconic mustache and beard. His looks will change automatically with the progress of the story, that will span several years.

Another example of this kind of visual progress included in the game is Xiahou Dun, who will be playable with and without an eyepatch, depending on the moment in his story you’re playing.

In the picture below, you can check out what Liu Bei looks like without his facial hair, presumably considerably younger.

Dynasty Warriors 9 has been announced exclusively for PS4 in Japan, where it will release by the end of 2017. The western arm of Koei Tecmo, that already confirmed that a localization is coming, has remained silent on the game’s platforms. This could possibly mean that the title might not be a PS4 exclusive in North America and Europe.

If you want to see more, you can also enjoy the latest character reveal, which included Liu Bei himself, the first trailer, and another batch of recent screenshots, on top of one showing more of the game’s beautiful open world.

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