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The Long Dark Gets a Brand New Launch Trailer Ahead of Release

Hinterland Studios’ The Long Dark got a very dramatic launch trailer ahead of the game’s upcoming release.

The Long Dark originally started off as a Kickstarter title and has been in Early Access for around three years now.

When Hinterland Studios announced the game’s official release date, they said that The Long Dark would be packaged with a story mode that’ll be set across five episodes. The title of the game’s story is “Wintermute.” The game’s first two episodes will release on August 1 while episodes three, four, and five will be released in late 2017 going into early 2018. The first two episodes could clock in at anywhere from six to ten hours according to Hinterland Studios, and maybe more as the game is open world.

You’ll be trapped in the Canadian wilderness where you’ll have to survive against harsh weather conditions, wildlife, and more.

Back in may Hinterland announced a slew of new updates that’ll be coming to the Early Access version of the game. You can read about all the changes coming to the game right here.

The Long Dark will leave Early Access on August 1st. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux. You can check out the game’s brand new story trailer down below.

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