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Pokemon GO Adds Hoenn Region Pokemon and Dynamic Weather

Starting today, Pokemon trainers will be able to scour the world for a number of Pokemon from the Hoenn region in Niantic, Inc. and The Pokemon Company’s popular augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO. Additionally, dynamic weather gameplay has been added changing how users may play the title.

Starters Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip as well as 47 other Hoenn region Pokemon can now be found as you explore to catch em’ all with more to appear in the coming weeks.

Finding these fifty additional Pokemon may be found with ease by taking advantage of the brand new dynamic weather gameplay. Your local weather patterns will impact what Pokemon will appear. For example, if you are having a hard time catching a Mudkip, you may want to check on a rainy day due to its water type nature.

Climate will also affect your Pokemon’s combat power and how much Stardust you earn after catching a Pokemon. For example, a Charizard’s Fire Spin will be more effective on a sunny day.

The Hoenn region and its Pokemon were introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire when the game released for Gameboy Advanced in Japan in 2002. Two years later, players returned to the region in Pokemon Emerald which added some new features to the aforementioned titles.

If you want to try these new features out for yourself, you can download Pokemon GO right now for free. If you want to just get hyped beforehand, you can check out the new trailer for the update below.

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