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Atooi Has “At Least” Three Nintendo Switch Titles Planned for 2018

Development team Atooi’s first Nintendo Switch title, the Mutant Mudds Collection, became available earlier this month via the Nintendo eShop and the team is showing no signs of a slowdown going into 2018.

In a tweet by the company’s founder, Jools Watsham, the team apparently has at least three titles planned for Nintendo’s handheld-console hybrid in 2018.

As to what these titles are, we can only speculate. I’d personally love to see Xeodrifter get some love on the console, it’s a charming little Metroidvania title that I got to experience on the PS Vita a few years ago. I think the title would fit nicely alongside the Switch’s wonderful list of indie titles that pay homage to the classic Nintendo games that inspired them.

Many indie games like Kamiko and VOEZ have seen success on the Switch. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap sales on the Switch were higher than all other platforms the title released on, combined. It’ll be interesting to see if more indie developers find the same success going into 2018 as more and more developers hop on board.

If you want to get a taste of what Atooi can do, check out the Mutant Mudds Collection on Switch right now, or if you’re willing to dust off the old PS Vita, why not look into Xeodrifter so you can see why it would fit so nicely on the console?


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