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The Station Announced for PlayStation 4 Alongside New Trailer

Today, it was announced that indie title The Station will make its way to PlayStation 4 consoles next month. A new trailer and a few screenshots were revealed celebrating its imminent release.

The Station is a first-person exploration game where players will use an augmented reality heads-up display to investigate a research space station that has suddenly gone dark; you will accomplish this by examining audio and visual feeds from the various occupants.

Your equipped AR device materializes each point of interest as an orb; activating them will reveal a certain crew member’s thoughts and decisions while aboard the now derelict station. Thanks to an implanted recording device, these feeds were created when someone endured a certain amount of stress or other emotions. As you discover each orb, more information about your investigation will be revealed.

Any clues you find throughout your adventure will be recorded in the TAB menu that you can use to find your map, inventory, and objectives. The menu acts as a physical object through the AR HUB so you can drop it in front of you and walk around it or drop it somewhere else at any time.

The Station will launch for PC via Steam and PlayStation 4 on February 20th, 2018.

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