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Rumor: New Fable Game is Reportedly Early in Development

Fable was once one of Microsoft’s biggest first-party IP’s before the franchise’s developer Lionhead Studios closed down in 2016 alongside the cancellation of what would have been the newest game in the series, Fable Legends. Since that time, not much has been said from Microsoft about the future of Fable.

According to a new report over at Eurogamer though, Microsoft has now decided to resurrect the franchise and has given the job to UK studio Playground, who previously worked on the Forza Horizon series. The report goes on to say that Playground will primarily be creating this new Fable project in their newly-opened office located in Warwickshire.

The development team for the game is rumored to be near around 200 people in size. Playground is still in the process of putting together the team that will work on this new iteration of Fable which means that things are still very early in development. If this report is true, we likely won’t be seeing anything of it for quite some time.

Of course, it’s always important to remember with any stories of this nature to take everything with a grain of salt. Even though it seemed likely that Microsoft would return to the Fable franchise one day, nothing in this report can be considered as confirmation quite yet. To know for sure, we’ll just have to wait for Microsoft to make an official announcement at a later date. 

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