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PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Metal Max Xeno Will Release in the West; New Character Revealed

Today Kadokawa Games reached out with a press release announcing that the return of the Metal Max series, Metal Max Xeno, will release worldwide.

The game will officially come to North America, Europe, and Asia. Further details like local release dates have not been announced, and will be disclosed by each publisher down the line. The name of the local publishers are also unannounced as of yet.

On top of the localization news, we also get the introduction of a new character named Misaki. He is a 26 years old medic (yes, he’s a he). According to the press release, he kind of looks like a woman or a supermodel. Yet, he is a scientist and researcher with a powerful intellect able to heal his companions. He has been traveling alone pursuing the knowledge lost by humanity.

We also see the Type-22 Anti-aircraft Tank. Misaki has been actively pursuing it in order further his studies. While it’s mainly designed to shoot down aircrafts, it can also level its guns down to destroy ground-based targets.

You can enjoy artwork and screenshots showcasing Misaki and the Type-22 below. If you want to see more, you can check out the first trailer and screenshots, and a second batch featuring more characters, and the third, also showing members of the cast. A brand new trailer was also recently released.

Metal Max Xeno will release in Japan exclusively for PS4 and PS Vita on April 19th. We’ll let you know when we hear more about the western release.

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