Survival games have come a long way in the past decade. Ten years ago, the market was flooded with early access titles that focused on basic mechanics like chopping trees and crafting campfires. Games like Rust, DayZ, and The Forest dominated the scene, each offering their own unique take on the survival genre. While many of these games have since been fully released, one title has remained in early access limbo – 7 Days To Die.

7 Days To Die has been a solid sandbox craft ’em up with zombie hordes, but it has never quite made it out of early access. However, that may soon change. According to Richard Huenink, co-founder of studio The Fun Pimps, the game is tentatively scheduled for a stable release on Thursday, July 25th. The team is working tirelessly to make this deadline, but Huenink warns that it is subject to change based on any game-breaking bugs that may arise.

In the lead-up to the stable release, there will be an experimental branch on Steam where players can test out new features early. This will give the studio time to fix any major bugs and pass certification before the official release. The game has undergone significant changes since its early days, with improved graphics and gameplay mechanics that set it apart from its survival game predecessors.

7 Days To Die offers a simple but fun premise: build during the day and defend against hordes of zombies at night. This return to the core tenets of the survival genre is a refreshing change from the more complex crafting systems found in other games like Minecraft. The game’s focus on base-building and zombie combat has made it a favorite among fans of the genre.

The Future of 7 Days To Die

During a recent Twitch stream, the developers hinted at the possibility of the game returning to Game Pass in the future. While this is not confirmed, players who are interested in the game are advised to purchase it now while it is still at a lower price. With the full release, the cost of the game is expected to increase, as is common with games transitioning out of early access.

7 Days To Die has been a staple in the survival game genre for the past decade. With a tentative release date on the horizon, fans of the game can look forward to experiencing the final version of this long-awaited title. Whether you’re a new player or a long-time fan, 7 Days To Die promises to deliver a unique and engaging survival experience that is worth the investment.


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