When it comes to collectors’ editions, game publishers often go above and beyond to create unique and enticing packages for fans. Limited Run Games, renowned for its physical disc releases of digitally available games, has recently announced a series of physical editions for Persona 3 Portable. While the game has already seen a digital remaster, these physical editions aim to enhance the player experience further. Among the offerings, the standout is the Persona 3 Portable S.E.E.S. Edition, priced at a whopping $200. Let’s delve into the details and explore what makes this collector’s edition truly special.

The Persona 3 Portable S.E.E.S Edition is more than just a game; it’s a treasure trove of premium goods. The package includes the standard game, of course, but it also boasts a SteelBook case and a stunning, grimoire-shaped box. These additions add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the collection. However, the most remarkable aspect of the S.E.E.S. Edition is the wealth of additional tchotchkes and trinkets.

Immersing Yourself in the Persona 3 Universe

Limited Run Games has left no stone unturned in curating a comprehensive selection of extras for Persona 3 Portable enthusiasts. In the S.E.E.S Edition, fans will find a certificate of authenticity, character shadowbox, soundtrack CD, SEES armband, and a set of character trading cards. Each item offers a unique glimpse into the Persona 3 universe, allowing players to immerse themselves fully in its rich lore and captivating stories.

An Iconic Piece: The Evoker Replica Shadowbox

However, the crown jewel of the S.E.E.S. Edition is undeniably the light-up “1:1 Evoker replica shadowbox.” For those unfamiliar with Persona 3, the Evoker serves as a crucial element in the game’s mechanics and narrative. Functioning as a means for characters to summon their Personas, the Evoker takes the form of a gun, adding a gritty and unconventional twist to the game. The inclusion of a replica Evoker shadowbox brings a tangible and immersive element to the collector’s edition, truly making fans feel like they are a part of the Persona 3 world.

Unraveling the Persona 3 Series

To fully appreciate the significance of the Persona 3 Portable S.E.E.S. Edition, it’s crucial to understand the evolution of the Persona 3 franchise. Originally released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Persona 3 garnered critical acclaim and a passionate fanbase. It was later expanded upon with new content in Persona 3 FES, which released in 2007 for the PS2 as well. Persona 3 Portable, the PSP version of the game, arrived shortly after, offering even more additional content.

Earlier this year, Persona 3 Portable received a modern remastered release for various platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. This version serves as the basis for the limited physical release from Limited Run Games. The game’s popularity and enduring appeal have led to an upcoming full-on remake titled Persona 3 Reload, set to launch on February 2, 2024. Although this remake will feature its own physical and collector’s editions, it regrettably does not include a replica Evoker.

Limited Run Games’ name suggests the scarcity of their physical editions, and these Persona 3 Portable versions are no exception. As the pre-order window for these collector’s editions closes on November 12, acquiring one may become increasingly difficult. The allure of owning a unique and limited edition piece of gaming history adds to the excitement and desirability of these releases.

The Persona 3 Portable S.E.E.S. Edition sets a new standard for collectors’ editions in the gaming industry. With its attention to detail, inclusion of premium extras, and the iconic replica Evoker shadowbox, this release is a must-have for both avid Persona fans and collectors alike. Limited Run Games’ dedication to physical releases ensures that fans can now own a piece of the Persona 3 Portable legacy in a tangible and cherished form.


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