EGX 2023 is here, and RPS is proud to sponsor the Rezzed Zone this year. The event promises to showcase over 50 captivating indie games, and we are thrilled to announce the complete line-up that will grace the showfloor. While most of these games are exclusively playable at the event, some have demos available on Steam as part of the Steam Next Fest. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of indie gaming and explore what EGX 2023 has in store for us.

EGX 2023 is taking place at London’s Excel, commencing from Thursday, October 12th, until Sunday, October 15th. This unmissable event is organized by Reedpop UK, our esteemed corporate partners. If you share our passion for indie gaming, there is still time to purchase day tickets and experience this remarkable showcase firsthand. The RPS team will be attending the event, eager to immerse ourselves in the plethora of games available, specifically in the Rezzed Zone and the highly anticipated Leftfield Collection.

As we prepare for EGX 2023, several games have captured our attention and left us eagerly anticipating their release. Among these titles, the Octopia expansion for Eastward, the tantalizing #BLUD, and the enchanting Bo: Path Of The Teal Lotus stand out prominently on our personal hit lists. Eastward’s unique take on the life simulation genre, reminiscent of Animal Crossing, has piqued our curiosity. Meanwhile, #BLUD promises to satiate our Cult Of The Lamb cravings with its blend of chaos and gore. Katharine, one of our esteemed members, cannot wait to immerse herself in Bo’s hand-drawn Japanese folklore adventure, a truly perfect match for her taste.

While these are the standout titles for us, there is a multitude of other captivating games to explore at EGX 2023. Leximan, a turn-based RPG with undertones of Undertale, combines elements of fast typing and creative spellcasting, making it a game we are excited to try. Ghostpia Season One, a visual novel, offers a captivating narrative experience, while Loddlenaut invites players to embark on a rewarding ocean cleanup journey. Additionally, the mystery point-and-click game Loco Motive, the stop-motion hack and slasher The Spirit Of The Samurai, and the roguelite survival game When The Light Dies have all found their way onto our must-play list.

EGX 2023 promises to be an unforgettable weekend, packed with creativity, innovation, and memorable gaming experiences. As our team eagerly anticipates the event, we are curious to know which games have caught your eye, dear readers. Let us know in the comments what games you are most excited about, and stay tuned for our in-depth coverage of the best games we encounter at EGX 2023. Join us as we celebrate the diversity and brilliance of the indie gaming community and indulge in the excitement that EGX 2023 has to offer.


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