Fanatical, known for its video game bundles, has ventured into new territory by offering a bundle deal on digital manga volumes. For manga enthusiasts looking to enhance their collection, this deal from publisher Kodansha provides a fantastic opportunity to acquire a diverse range of genres. With three tiers to choose from, this offer allows you to fill your library quickly with captivating reading material.

The Tiers of Manga Goodness

In this unique bundle deal, Fanatical offers a tiered system to cater to different interests and budgets. The first tier, priced at just $1, grants you access to five digital manga volumes. This includes the first volumes of renowned series such as “Knights of Sidonia,” “Pumpkin Scissors,” “Ghost in the Shell,” “Vinland Saga,” and “Basilisk.” Valued at nearly $60, this tier provides an affordable and enticing entry point into the world of manga.

For those looking to dive deeper, the second tier is available for a modest $10. By unlocking this tier, you not only gain access to the volumes from the first tier but also three volumes of “Parasyte” alongside more “Vinland Saga,” “Knights of Sidonia,” “Pumpkin Scissors,” and “Ghost in the Shell” collections. This tier is perfect for those seeking a more extensive manga experience without breaking the bank.

The ultimate tier, priced at $18, encompasses everything from the previous two tiers. In addition to the volumes mentioned before, the third tier offers even more volumes of the manga series listed above. By investing in this tier, you can truly immerse yourself in the captivating worlds and narratives created by these acclaimed mangaka.

If you are unfamiliar with the manga series included in this bundle deal, rest assured that you are in for a treat. Each series has garnered a reputation for its unique storyline and exceptional artwork, making them highly sought-after among manga enthusiasts.

“Ghost in the Shell” presents a thrilling cyberpunk saga that has transcended its manga origins to become one of the greatest anime films of all time. With a captivating exploration of artificial intelligence and the blurring lines between humanity and technology, this series offers a thought-provoking and action-packed experience.

For fans of Norse mythology and epic revenge tales, “Vinland Saga” delivers an enthralling narrative set against a backdrop of Viking warfare. This series seamlessly blends historical elements with intense action sequences, making it a must-read for those craving adrenaline-fueled storytelling.

“Basilisk” takes readers into the world of ninjas as shadowy warriors engage in a deadly battle for ultimate power. Combining elements of Japanese folklore, supernatural abilities, and intense combat, this series provides an exhilarating journey into the world of ancient shinobi.

“Knights of Sidonia” transports readers to a dystopian future where humanity fights for survival against an unfathomable alien threat. With its blend of sci-fi adventure, mecha combat, and complex character dynamics, this series captivates readers with its dark ambiance and thrilling plot twists.

Now is your chance to expand your manga collection without breaking the bank. Fanatical’s new bundle deal on digital manga volumes offers an irresistible opportunity to dive into captivating narratives and explore engaging artwork. Don’t miss out on this enticing offer, and join GameSpot and Fandom’s social media contest for a chance to win these manga comics for free. Embrace the world of manga and discover a new dimension of storytelling today!


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