A recently released trailer for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth showcased an exciting new resort management mode in the game. Players will now have the opportunity to take a break from the main narrative and explore Dondoko Island. This mode allows the Yakuza protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, to relax and engage in activities such as bug-catching, resource collection, furniture building, and serving guests. The island bears a striking resemblance to Animal Crossing, attracting both Yakuza fans and a potential new audience to the franchise.

Dondoko Island serves as a peaceful escape for Ichiban Kasuga. Equipped with a net, bat, and spear, he roams the island freely, collecting resources such as fish, bugs, and minerals. These materials can then be crafted into unique items including furniture and other materials. The island offers an abundance of crafting possibilities, enabling players to create their own personalized space.

Aside from crafting, players can also develop new structures on Dondoko Island. Buildings and a massive oni statue are just some of the options available to enhance the island’s aesthetics and promote better living conditions. By gathering resources and sparing no effort, players can transform their homes into a loving space filled with content residents.

Dondoko Island isn’t just about crafting and decorating. It provides an opportunity for Ichiban Kasuga to forge meaningful friendships, including an intriguing parrot named PingWing who possesses extensive knowledge of human technology. The island residents have unique preferences and demands, making it essential for players to meet their needs and ensure their comfort. By building relationships and giving presents, players can foster a harmonious environment on the island.

As a resort manager, Ichiban Kasuga’s responsibilities extend beyond crafting and socializing. In bat-based combat, he must defend the island against invaders, ensuring peace prevails despite his Yakuza roots. This unexpected twist adds an exciting element to the gameplay and showcases the franchise’s distinctive blend of genres.

The introduction of the Dondoko Island resort management mode presents Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth with a fresh appeal. With its life simulator stylings and an abundance of content reminiscent of games like Happy Home Designer, this mode has the potential to attract a whole new audience to the long-running franchise. The delightful charm of the resort management mode combined with the Yakuza universe makes for a unique gaming experience.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s new resort management mode, showcased in the recent trailer, offers players a break from the main narrative and a chance to explore Dondoko Island. The mode’s emphasis on crafting, decorating, and forging friendships presents an exciting and captivating gameplay experience. With its unique blend of genres, the Yakuza franchise continues to innovate and attract new audiences. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is set to release for PC and consoles on January 26, 2024.


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