Since the release of the iPhone 15, users have been facing issues with their NFC chips after using BMW’s in-car wireless charging feature. However, Apple has remained silent on the matter until now. A recent report by MacRumors reveals that an internal memo from Apple to third-party repair providers states that a software update later this year will address the problem by preventing a limited number of in-car wireless chargers from temporarily disabling the iPhone 15 NFC chips.

Numerous users have expressed their frustrations regarding the malfunctioning NFC chips on various platforms such as Reddit, Apple’s Support community, and MacRumors’ forums. The issues reported mainly involve BMW’s wireless chargers breaking Apple Pay and the BMW digital key feature. The severity of the problem remains unknown, as it is difficult to determine which iPhone 15 models are affected. However, BMW UK X responded to a complaint earlier this month, assuring users that they are actively working with Apple to investigate the issue.

To prevent further NFC chip malfunctions, Apple advises users to refrain from using the in-car wireless charger until the software update is available. This precautionary measure aims to avoid any potential issues that could arise from the currently faulty wireless chargers. Although this may inconvenience some iPhone 15 users, it is a necessary step to prevent any further damage to their NFC chips.

Unfortunately, the lack of information about which specific iPhone 15 models are affected makes it challenging for BMW and Toyota Supra owners to determine if their devices are at risk. As a result, all BMW and Toyota Supra owners with wireless chargers are advised to avoid using this feature until the software update is released. While this may be disappointing for those who rely on wireless charging in their cars, Apple’s cautionary approach is crucial to safeguard the functionality of the NFC chips in the affected devices.

This incident highlights the significance of regular software updates in maintaining and improving device functionality. In this case, Apple’s commitment to resolving the issue through a forthcoming software update demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction and device performance. By proactively addressing the problem, Apple is prioritizing the user experience and ensuring that iPhone 15 owners can continue to enjoy the benefits of NFC technology without any disruptions.

Apple has finally acknowledged the iPhone 15 NFC chip issues caused by BMW’s in-car wireless charging feature. The forthcoming software update, set to be released later this year, will prevent a limited number of in-car wireless chargers from temporarily disabling the NFC chips. In the meantime, iPhone 15 users are advised to avoid using the wireless chargers in their BMW or Toyota Supra vehicles to prevent any potential damage. This incident highlights the crucial role that software updates play in maintaining device functionality and customer satisfaction. By promptly addressing this issue, Apple is demonstrating their commitment to resolving problems and ensuring optimal performance for their users.


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