Arrowhead Game Studios is currently addressing the issue of players being unfairly kicked from Helldivers 2 missions. Recent viral clips have shown instances where players are booted during extraction, including during the cutscene when all team members are onboard the escape shuttle. This type of griefing behavior is unfortunately common in multiplayer games, and the Super Earth forces in Helldivers 2 are not exempt from dealing with such turncoats.

In response to the concerns raised by the community, Helldivers 2’s community manager, Twinbeard, has confirmed that a solution is being developed to address instances of unfair player kicking. One player suggested the idea of retaining a percentage of collected samples in the event of being kicked by a disruptive lobby leader. Twinbeard mentioned, “We’re actually working on a solution to mitigate problems with, well, ‘getting kicked by an arsehole lobby leader’ as someone once eloquently put it.” While no specific timeline was provided for the implementation of this solution, the development team is actively working on it.

The exact nature of the solution to prevent unfair player booting in Helldivers 2 remains uncertain. However, the community has put forward several suggestions. One proposal from Reddit draws inspiration from another cooperative shooter, Deep Rock Galactic, where kicked players receive a portion of the XP and resources they collected in a mission. Another idea involves implementing a reputation system in Helldivers 2, where players can rate each other at the end of missions, similar to popular rating systems like Uber or the concept depicted in a Black Mirror episode. This rating system would aim to match well-behaved players with each other, while isolating trolls and griefers to play together.

By taking into account player feedback and suggestions, Arrowhead Game Studios aims to create a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for all Helldivers 2 participants. The ongoing development of solutions to combat unfair player behavior demonstrates the studio’s commitment to fostering a positive community environment within the game. Players can look forward to these upcoming changes that seek to address and prevent instances of disruptive player booting.


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