The beginning of the new year wasn’t as smooth as expected for Alamo Drafthouse, a popular theater chain. A message was posted on their social media accounts, stating that they were facing issues with Sony projectors, which led to the closure of five theaters for the rest of the day. While most theaters and showtimes were back up on New Year’s Day, there were still a few exceptions. The exact cause of the technical difficulties is unknown at this time as Alamo and Sony spokespeople have not yet provided a statement. However, Alamo was quick to blame Sony projectors for the “nationwide” outage that occurred. Despite the setback, customers were still able to enjoy their movies in some theaters, raising questions about the severity and extent of the issue.

Technical Difficulties and Closures

Alamo Drafthouse took to social media to inform their customers about the unexpected closure of some theaters due to technical difficulties with Sony projectors. The closure affected five theaters, forcing them to cancel all showtimes for the remainder of that day. The company did not elaborate on the specific nature of the technical problems or provide a timeline for when the issue would be resolved. This lack of information left customers and moviegoers in a state of confusion, as they were unsure whether their planned screenings would proceed as scheduled.

While Alamo Drafthouse claimed that the technical difficulties were nationwide, some reports suggest that the issue may have only affected specific theaters or screenings. A photograph of a paper sign taped at a Woodbury, Minnesota location acknowledged the difficulties but mentioned that screenings were still in progress despite the ongoing technical problems. This contradiction raises questions about the actual scope of the issue and whether it was as widespread as initially stated. It appears that Alamo Drafthouse’s response might have been premature and exaggerated.

Speculation and Uncertainty

Without an official statement from either Alamo or Sony, speculation began to circulate regarding the cause of the technical difficulties. Reddit users suggested that the problem could be related to expired digital certificates used to unlock encrypted films. However, there is no confirmation from reliable sources to support this claim. It is essential to wait for an official response before jumping to conclusions. The lack of transparency from Alamo and Sony only adds to the uncertainty surrounding the issue.

Adding another layer of complexity to the situation is the fact that Sony reportedly exited the digital cinema projector business in 2020. All existing Sony projector models are listed as discontinued, leaving questions about the availability of technical support for these devices. If the technical difficulties were indeed caused by Sony projectors, it raises concerns about the future support and maintenance of these machines. Movie theaters that heavily rely on Sony projectors may face challenges in the coming years when it comes to upgrading or maintaining their equipment.

Alamo Drafthouse’s experience with technical difficulties and closure of theaters due to issues with Sony projectors created a wave of uncertainty and speculation. Customers were left confused about the severity and extent of the problem, while Alamo’s claim of a “nationwide” outage was contradicted by reports of ongoing screenings in some theaters. With Sony’s reported exit from the digital cinema projector business, questions arose regarding the availability of technical support for their discontinued models. As the situation unfolds, it is crucial to wait for an official statement from Alamo and Sony to gain a clear understanding of the cause and resolution of the technical difficulties.


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