Alan Moore, known for his iconic graphic novels, is also a talented prose writer. Amazon is currently offering a significant discount on his epic three-volume novel, Jerusalem. This extensive novel spans over 1,200 pages, blending Moore’s childhood memories from Northampton, England, with elements of occultism, mythology, and theoretical physics. Originally priced at $35, you can now purchase it for just $10 on Amazon, with an additional $4 for shipping. For Prime members, the novel is available for $18 with free shipping, under the “Other Sellers at Amazon” option.

Other Prose Works and Graphic Novels on Sale

Apart from Jerusalem, Amazon also has other prose works by Alan Moore on sale. The short story collection Illuminations: Stories and the novel Voice of the Fire are available at discounted rates. Additionally, fans of Moore’s graphic novels can find exciting deals on titles like Watchmen Collector’s Edition for $60 (previously $125) and a V For Vendetta bundle, including a collectible V mask and the paperback edition of the comic for $26 (previously $35). Other graphic novels like From Hell, Batman: The Killing Joke, and more are also offered at reduced prices.

New Edition of Watchmen Coming Soon

For those who collect different editions of Watchmen, there is a new budget-friendly option to look out for. DC’s Compact Comics series will be releasing a small paperback version of Watchmen on June 4, available for preorder at just $10. This compact edition will offer a convenient and portable way to enjoy Moore’s classic graphic novel.

Overall, this sale on Alan Moore’s prose novels and graphic novels presents a fantastic opportunity for both longtime fans and new readers to explore and add to their collection. Don’t miss out on the chance to delve into Moore’s unique storytelling and intricate narratives at discounted prices on Amazon.


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