Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) players who were using AMD’s Anti-Lag feature were recently warned by the game’s developers that they may face bans for doing so. The developers explained in a post that the Anti-Lag feature, which was introduced in the Adrenaline Edition version 23.30.1 driver, works by implementing changes to the engine dll functions. This warning comes with the reassurance that the developers will reverse any bans once AMD updates their drivers and identifies the affected users.

AMD initially introduced support for the Anti-Lag Plus feature in CS2 with the release of their Radeon RX 7000-series GPUs. This means that players with older hardware should not be affected by the potential ban. Although the post by the developers did not explicitly state the reasons behind the ban, it is likely that enabling the Anti-Lag feature could potentially disrupt the integrity of the game or provide players with an unfair advantage.

AMD’s Response and Resolution

We reached out to AMD for a statement regarding this issue but did not receive a response at the time of writing. However, the developers’ post mentioned that once AMD updates their drivers, they will work on identifying the players who were affected by the ban and subsequently reverse the ban. This indicates that AMD acknowledges the potential impact of their Anti-Lag feature on CS2 and is actively working on a solution to prevent any unfair penalties for players.

For players who wish to avoid any risks associated with the potential ban, Engadget reports that the Anti-Lag feature can be disabled by pressing Alt+L. Additionally, users can customize the hotkey assignment for Anti-Lag Plus in the AMD Radeon Software by navigating to the gear icon, selecting Hotkeys, and making the necessary changes. This provides players with the flexibility to enable or disable the feature according to their preferences or concerns about a possible ban.

Counter-Strike 2 players should be cautious when using AMD’s Anti-Lag feature as it may result in a ban. The developers have warned players about the potential consequences and assured them that the bans will be reversed once the driver updates are released. It is essential for AMD to address this issue promptly to maintain the trust and satisfaction of their gaming community. By resolving this matter and preventing any unfair penalties, AMD can continue to provide a seamless gaming experience for all CS2 players.


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