AMD’s laptop CPU naming schemes have always been a challenge to decipher, even for those who closely follow the tech industry. Recently, a product comparison page for Asus laptops briefly unveiled the naming scheme for the upcoming Strix Point mobile processors, causing quite a stir in the tech community. The CPUs were named the AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 170, which raised eyebrows due to its complexity and lack of clarity.

Several theories have emerged to explain this confusing naming scheme. One possibility is that it was an accidental leak that prompted a quick update to the page. Another theory suggests that AMD may have considered changing its naming scheme but later decided against it, leaving Asus in the dark. It is also plausible that an intern at Asus may have simply been confused about the product lineup they were supposed to list.

Speculation has arisen that the new naming scheme could be inspired by Intel’s Core Ultra line, which features a three-digit number after the branding. However, AMD’s inclusion of the term “AI” in its naming scheme sets it apart from Intel. This move aligns with AMD’s recent emphasis on AI innovation, but it may make the names difficult to pronounce and remember.

The unveiling of this complex naming scheme has sparked debate within the tech community. The question remains whether AMD will stick with this new naming convention or opt for a simpler approach. If a change does occur, industry experts speculate that it may be announced at the upcoming Computex event in June. Regardless of the final decision, a shift in AMD’s naming scheme is expected to streamline the process for consumers and tech enthusiasts alike.


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