Skyrim, the popular RPG game, has managed to maintain its popularity even after twelve years since its initial release. One of the major reasons behind its longevity is the dedicated modding community that continuously creates new content for the game. Among the many fan-made creations, Beyond Skyrim stands out with its ambitious goal of bringing the region of Cyrodiil, familiar to Oblivion fans, into the world of Skyrim. This massive mod not only offers hundreds of quests but also includes an impressive number of voiced lines, surpassing even the base version of Skyrim.

According to a recent video update, Beyond Skyrim has now surpassed the base Skyrim in terms of the number of voiced lines. Currently, the team is utilizing AI voices as placeholders, with the intention of recording all the lines once the majority of Cyrodiil is completed. This meticulous approach ensures consistency and quality throughout the mod. Considering that Bethesda launched Skyrim with over 60,000 lines of dialogue, the task ahead for Beyond Skyrim’s team is nothing short of monumental.

Beyond Skyrim aims to provide players with a plethora of activities to engage in within the unexplored region of Cyrodiil. The video update reveals that the mod already features 116 quests, including an intriguing Daedric mission. Additionally, 44 settlements have been fully implemented thus far, adding depth and authenticity to the world of Cyrodiil. The amount of content being developed showcases the dedication and commitment of the team behind Beyond Skyrim.

Development for Beyond Skyrim began in 2012, marking several years of hard work and dedication. However, no official release date has been announced yet. Players eager to catch a glimpse of the mod’s progress can already experience Bruma, the northmost city of Cyrodiil, by downloading it from NexusMods. The careful attention to detail and the dedication shown by the team promises an immersive and authentic experience for players.

While fans anxiously await the release of The Elder Scrolls 6, Bethesda’s focus is currently centered around their space-based RPG, Starfield. The company has committed to providing regular updates on Starfield approximately every six weeks. Consequently, it may be quite some time before The Elder Scrolls 6 sees the light of day. Until then, Beyond Skyrim’s ambitious project offers Skyrim players a unique opportunity to explore and experience the vast and diverse region of Cyrodiil.

Beyond Skyrim’s Cyrodiil mod is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious and extensive mods created for Skyrim. With its impressive number of quests and voiced lines, it aims to provide players with an immersive experience in the region of Cyrodiil. The dedication and attention to detail displayed by the development team are evident in the quantity of content already implemented. Although the official release date is yet to be announced, the available Bruma city mod allows players to catch a glimpse of the mod’s progress. As fans eagerly await The Elder Scrolls 6, Beyond Skyrim offers a satisfying alternative, ensuring the continued enjoyment of the beloved Skyrim universe.


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