In the vast open-world of Cyberpunk 2077, players have the opportunity to embark on secretive quests that are not explicitly included in their journal. One such quest is the hunt for the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty 1R-ONC-LAD software, which involves communicating with a malfunctioning robot via text messages. This guide will provide a detailed walkthrough on how to locate all the software locations scattered throughout the stadium in Dogtown, as well as the rewards for completing this quest.

To begin this quest, players must first find 1R-ONC-LAD, who is also referred to as Ironclad for simplicity. Ironclad can be located in the black market area, which players gain access to during the Phantom Liberty intro. Once inside the black market, players should head towards the weapons shop with the orange pistol sign on the balcony. From there, they should drop down from the balcony and take a left, passing the food vendor and vending machines. Ahead, there will be a green shipping container with a blue tarpaulin above it, which is placed on top of an overturned red shipping container. Ironclad can be found in the corner of this container, accompanied by a laptop that can be connected to. By jacking into the computer, Ironclad will become a contact in the player’s phone, initiating the quest.

After establishing contact with Ironclad, players will receive a jumbled text message followed by a picture of a white crate in front of shelves. This image serves as the clue for the first software location. Players should exit the shipping container and turn around to go back the way they came. They will pass the doorway through which they initially entered the black market. Continuing up the stairs with a pile of garbage on the right and three flamingos on the left, players should cross the walkway. The white crate will be visible in front of deBUTCHERy, the shop players should head towards. Once they obtain the robot software from this location, players should inform Ironclad and transfer him the data. In return, Ironclad will provide an audio transcript from Erwin Kirsch and reveal the second software location.

The clue for the second software location is an image sent by Ironclad, depicting the software box on top of green trauma team crates. Players can find this location by returning to the walkway where they discovered the first software. They should then turn around and pass through the hole in the wall at the top of the stairs. By following the lit-up arrows, players will be led into the clinic where the software is located to the left of the medical vendor. Once again, players should transfer this data to Ironclad, who will reward them with another transcript about Erwin Kirsch and reveal the third location.

For the third software location, players should leave the clinic and take a left to descend the stairs. In front of them, they will spot a gun shop with orange signs. At the back corner of the shop, players will find the software inside a box, possibly with someone leaning on it. This software should be transferred to Ironclad, who will, predictably, share another transcript and disclose the fourth location.

The image for the fourth software location is darker and showcases a crate beneath a green light, concealed behind other boxes. Players should venture to the other weapons shop in the black market. To reach it, they must pass by the clinic and deBUTCHERy, continuing until they find a clothes store on the right-hand side. Once inside the weapons store, players should make their way to the back left corner, where they will find the software positioned in front of a crate labeled “border patrol”. As with the previous locations, players should transmit this data to Ironclad, who will share another transcript and reveal the fifth and final location.

The last software location can be found at the opposite end of the stadium concourse, near Ironclad’s location. Players should leave Ironclad’s crate and take a left down the stairs, passing by the armored tank and Arasaka advertisements. Climbing the stairs at the other end, players will encounter a noodle bar. The robot software is located behind the counter, to the right, beneath an advertising pillar. Once players acquire this software, they should return to Ironclad, as V instructs them to transfer it manually. Upon reaching Ironclad, players will discover him standing upright, allowing them to connect with the laptop. They will be presented with three files offering insight into the backstory of Erwin Kirsch, a Barghest employee who restored Ironclad, a robot paid for by Kurt Hansen, the dictator of Dogtown. Unfortunately, Erwin’s rescue attempts failed, and Ironclad was sold into slavery by Hansen’s henchmen. Players are then presented with three options: wiping the robot’s memory, leaving the robot untouched, or reprogramming the robot (requires 15 Intelligence). It is advised not to wipe Ironclad’s memory, as this action eliminates the quest’s reward. If players lack the required Intelligence stat, they can leave Ironclad be and return later. For those who choose to reprogram Ironclad, they will be treated to a guitar performance. Moreover, after a few days, Ironclad will send a text message with a sixth location and reward.

The sixth location is situated within the stadium concourse. Players must return to the second gun shop where they discovered the fourth software location, then climb the opposite stairs and proceed behind the statue, which leads to the outside. By following the path to its end, players will find a crate containing their reward, an engineer skill shard, and approximately $2,000. However, the quest does not conclude here. If players return to Ironclad, they will discover that he successfully lured Erwin Kirsch to his location via text message. The revelation is made evident by Erwin’s lifeless body on the floor and a note from Ironclad expressing his desire for freedom. Ultimately, this quest serves as a reminder that not everything ends well in the dystopian world of Cyberpunk 2077.

The Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty 1R-ONC-LAD software quest offers players a hidden adventure within the game. By following the directions provided in this guide, players can locate all the software locations scattered throughout the stadium in Dogtown and uncover the tragic tale of Ironclad and Erwin Kirsch. The rewards for completing this quest, including skill shards and substantial credits, make it an intriguing and worthwhile endeavor for players seeking additional content and lore in Cyberpunk 2077.


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