The release of Lords of the Fallen, a new take on the Dark Souls genre developed by Hexworks and CI Games, has brought about a wave of reviews with a widely varied reception. The game, which closely follows the design and aesthetic principles established by FromSoftware’s Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring, introduces a unique element by incorporating two realms of existence – a corporeal and an ethereal one. These realms serve not only as platforms for environmental puzzle-solving but also as spaces for intense combat encounters. Despite the mixed feedback that the game has received, one aspect that has garnered unanimous praise from critics is the ethereal realm, known as the Umbral dimension, and the positive impact it has on the overall gameplay experience.

Phil Hornshaw of GameSpot commended the visually impressive world and concept of Lords of the Fallen, attributing its appeal to the inclusion of the Umbral dimension. This ethereal realm contributes significantly to the game’s sense of exploration and atmosphere. However, Hornshaw expressed disappointment with the level design and the lack of satisfaction derived from challenging battles. The lackluster rewards and the excessively difficult risks transformed the fun of risk-and-reward gameplay into a frustrating experience. The game’s aimless level design and tedious encounters left players with a sense that their time would be better spent elsewhere.

An Iteration That Breaks Free from Shadows

In contrast, James Troughton, writing for TheGamer, was more upbeat in his assessment of Lords of the Fallen. He applauded the game for taking a different approach rather than merely chasing new trends, offering hope for a genre that has long existed under the shadow of FromSoftware’s creations. While Troughton did note the painfully slow start and the linearity of the game, he was impressed by the boss fights and the innovative Umbral world concept. Lords of the Fallen, according to Troughton, is not a feeble imitation of superior games, but rather a worthy iteration that builds upon the existing formula.

Harvey Randall from PC Gamer highlighted Lords of the Fallen as a game featuring some of the best boss fights in recent history. Despite this commendation, he remarked that the game suffered from difficulty spikes in the wrong places. Randall praised the Umbral dimension concept, the atmospheric elements, and the design of the bosses. However, he criticized the game’s inconsistent nature, stating that it was as if the different components of the game were at odds with each other. The bosses were fair and enjoyable, but the exploration of Mournstead transformed into a nightmare filled with an excessive number of traps and enemies. This lack of cohesion ultimately hampered the overall experience.

TJ Denzer’s review for Shacknews also drew attention to the occasional issues with uneven challenges in Lords of the Fallen. Despite these minor concerns, Denzer’s review was overwhelmingly positive. Once again, the Umbral dimension and its mechanics garnered praise for their compelling and risky nature. The constant balancing act between safety and death kept players engaged, although Denzer did express a desire for the game to better utilize the threat posed by the Umbral dimension. However, the overall creativity of the game intrigued Denzer, who always found himself curious to explore what lay on the other side.

Lords of the Fallen has faced a diverse range of reviews since its release. While the incorporation of two realms and the inclusion of the Umbral dimension have been widely acclaimed, other aspects of the game have garnered mixed opinions. Critics have voiced their concerns about uneven challenges, lackluster rewards, and inconsistent design choices. However, the innovative iteration of the Dark Souls genre and its departure from the shadows of its predecessors have offered a glimmer of hope for fans of the genre. Lords of the Fallen, despite its flaws, has managed to carve out a distinct identity within the realm of challenging action RPGs.


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