Marvel movies have become synonymous with big budgets, grandiose sets, and well-known superhero teams like the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the upcoming film Madame Web deviates from this norm in multiple ways. With a unique storyline and a lesser-known group of heroines, Madame Web brings a fresh perspective to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One particular aspect that stands out is the lack of an official name for the group of heroines. In this article, we explore the unconventional naming choices of the cast and the possible implications of their decisions.

In the Marvel comics, Madame Web serves as a cryptic mentor to various Spider-Men and Spider-Women. Her role is marked by her collaboration with groups of powerful Spider-heroines. In Madame Web, the team consists of Celeste O’Connor as Mattie Franklin, Sydney Sweeney as Julia Cornwall, and Isabela Merced as Aña Corazón (also known as Araña in the comics). This gathering of talented actresses adds a unique dynamic to the film and creates an opportunity for the group to establish their own identity.

The Birth of “The Boo Crew”

During a discussion at the Madame Web junket, the cast revealed that they had created their own group name: “the Boo Crew.” The idea originated when Sydney Sweeney bestowed matching sweaters upon her fellow actresses. The Boo Crew sweaters became a symbol of their bond, prompting Isabela Merced to express her adoration for the ensemble. As they shared their affection for the sweaters and their Halloween-themed movie pajama party, it was evident that the Boo Crew had become more than just a name, but a representation of their camaraderie.

While the Boo Crew holds sentimental value to the actresses, its ambiguous nature presents a challenge in establishing a powerful and recognizable superhero team. Sydney Sweeney humorously pointed out, “Everybody’s just gonna be booing when we come in to fight.” This lighthearted comment sheds light on the potential confusion or misinterpretation of the name. Although cherished by the cast, the Boo Crew may not resonate with the wider audience or effectively capture the essence of their characters.

Despite their fondness for the Boo Crew, the actresses acknowledged it might not be suitable for official use. When asked if they had considered pitching the name or other alternatives to Sony and Marvel, they admitted that it would be unlikely. Nevertheless, they offered new suggestions that are both appealing and catchy. Ideas such as “Spidey Sisters” and “The Spidey Girls” emerged. These proposed names maintain a sense of connection to the Spider-Man franchise while showcasing the unity and strength of the heroines.

Dakota Johnson, who plays the titular character in Madame Web, expressed her curiosity about the group’s chosen name. However, she revealed that she was not a part of the Boo Crew group chat. This admission highlights an interesting divide between Johnson and her colleagues. While the Boo Crew serves as a unifying force among the actresses, Johnson remains an outsider to their playful banter.

Madame Web brings a fresh take to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by focusing on a lesser-known group of heroines. The absence of an official name for the team adds to the intrigue surrounding the film. While the Boo Crew holds personal significance for the cast, it may not effectively represent the power and unity of the heroines. As we eagerly await the release of Madame Web, we anticipate the unveiling of a name that truly captures the essence of these remarkable Spider-Women.


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