The AEW Fight Forever DLC has recently been released with a variety of new content, including characters like Toni Storm and The Acclaimed. However, the lack of certain key characters like Samoa Joe has left fans wanting more. This article will delve into the details of the DLC offerings, season passes, and the overall experience of AEW Fight Forever.

The structure of the DLC for AEW Fight Forever mirrors that of WWE 2K23, with Season 1 introducing seven playable characters through DLC packs. The season pass, priced at £24.99/$29.99, offers access to most of the extra content, except for Matt Hardy who was initially a pre-order bonus. Players have the option to purchase Hardy separately for £3.99/$4.99, which includes two versions of the wrestler – standard Matt and his ‘Broken’ alter-ego. The introduction of additional mini-games within DLC packs, such as JoinUs and Sloth Sling, adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience.

Season 2 of AEW Fight Forever brought a range of fresh content, starting with a brand new Dynamite arena and the tag-team duo Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, known as The Acclaimed. One of the new modes introduced in Season 2 is Beat The Elite, where players must face off against nine random characters before challenging a member of The Elite for in-game rewards. The final addition to Season 2 was the inclusion of Toni Storm, a former WWE favorite. The Season 2 Pass, priced at $24.99/£19.99, provides access to all the latest content released.

One of the standout game modes in AEW Fight Forever is the Stadium Stampede Battle Royale, where players compete against 29 others in a chaotic arena setting. The mode allows players to customize their loadout before each match and improve their skills as they progress. With elements like using golf buggies and horses during battles, Stadium Stampede promises an action-packed experience for players. Additionally, players can enjoy new music tracks added with each DLC release, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

AEW Fight Forever continues to expand its roster and gameplay offerings with each DLC release. While the inclusion of new characters and game modes is a welcome addition, fans may still crave the presence of certain iconic wrestlers like Samoa Joe. The season passes offer a comprehensive package for players looking to access all the extra content at a reasonable price. With its unique mix of characters, game modes, and mini-games, AEW Fight Forever remains an exciting and engaging wrestling game for fans of the genre.


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