AMD’s latest mobile processors are gearing up for release, and the new Radeon 890M GPU is generating excitement among gamers for its performance improvements over the 780M. With 16 RDNA 3.5 CUs running at 2,900 MHz, the 890M is set to outperform its predecessor in terms of speed and efficiency.

Recent benchmarks from GPD have shed light on the performance gap between the 890M and the 780M. The GPD Duo, equipped with an AMD Ryzen 9 HX 370 and the 890M, achieved a 3DMark Time Spy score of 4,221 at 54W. In contrast, the GPD Win Max 2 with the 780M scored 3,218. This indicates a significant 31% performance boost with the 890M.

The 890M also showcased superior performance compared to a discrete RTX 2050 running at 45W, scoring 3,769 in the same test. It even came close to the performance of an RTX 3050 at 50W. This highlights the impressive capabilities of the 890M as an integrated GPU competing with dedicated graphics chips.

Additional tests on the ROG Ally with a semi-custom Ryzen 7 7840U and the 780M showed a 33% performance increase with the 890M. The inclusion of Zen 5 and Zen 5c cores in the AMD Ryzen AI 300-series processors further enhances the overall system performance, as demonstrated in Cinebench 2024 benchmarks.

While the initial benchmarks are promising, it is essential to wait for the actual release of laptops featuring these processors to gauge their real-world performance. The choice of AMD’s new 890M GPU in upcoming gaming handhelds could potentially deliver a significant performance boost without compromising battery life. Additionally, the possibility of the 12-core 880M being utilized in future devices adds another layer of intrigue to AMD’s mobile processor lineup.

AMD’s latest mobile processors, particularly the new Radeon 890M GPU, exhibit impressive performance improvements over their predecessors. With enhanced speed, efficiency, and competitive benchmark results, these processors have the potential to elevate the gaming and overall computing experience on mobile devices. As technology continues to advance, AMD seems poised to make a significant impact in the mobile processor market with its innovative and high-performing chips.


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