As May comes to an end, the gaming community gears up for the big summer releases. The eShop Selects for this month have been nothing short of overwhelming, with a plethora of indie games vying for attention. The staff and contributors at Nintendo Life have the challenging task of selecting the top three eShop games from the extensive list of titles reviewed.

April’s Reader’s Choice winner, stitch!, captivated players with its adorable charm and unique gameplay. The surprise announcement of this sewing game during an Indie World showcase added to its appeal. As we transition into May, it’s clear that the backlog of must-play games continues to grow, setting the stage for what could be the most significant month of eShop Selects yet.

While numerous games scored well in the reviews, some titles stood out despite not making it to the top three. Braid: Anniversary Edition, a remaster of the iconic puzzle-platformer from the 2000s, received high praise for its updated visuals, music, and insightful commentary tracks. Another standout was Little Kitty, Big City, a charming adventure featuring a playful cat exploring the urban landscape with amusing hats to boot.

However, the undeniable champion of the month was Animal Well, capturing the hearts and minds of the Nintendo Life team. This unconventional Metroidvania-inspired puzzle game stood out for its blend of mystery, exploration, and gameplay depth. The unanimous support from staff members and the exceptional score of 10/10 underscored its brilliance and transformative impact on players.

Community Favorites

The community also expressed their enthusiasm for certain titles that may have flown under the radar. Games like 1000xRESIST, Umbraclaw, Duck Detective, and Bread & Fred garnered attention for their unique storytelling, feline protagonists, detective mechanics, and quirky gameplay experiences. The diverse offerings in May left players with a wealth of options to explore and enjoy.

How the Top Three Are Chosen

At the end of each month, the Nintendo Life team engages in a voting process to determine the top three eShop games. The selection criteria include digital-only releases on the Nintendo Switch eShop within the month and reviews on Nintendo Life. Staff members cast their votes for three games, assigning points based on their preferences. The cumulative scores determine the final ranking, with the highest-voted game claiming the top spot.

The May 2024 eShop Selects showcased the richness and diversity of indie gaming on the Nintendo Switch platform. From beloved classics like Braid to innovative titles like Animal Well, this month’s lineup offered something for every type of player. As the summer season unfolds, gamers can look forward to more exciting releases and hidden gems waiting to be discovered on the eShop.


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