The leaked game files suggest that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone are set to have a crossover with the Fallout franchise. This collaboration comes at a time when the Fallout Amazon Prime TV series is generating significant hype. The decision to merge these two popular gaming franchises seems logical given the massive success of Fallout as one of Xbox’s key intellectual properties. By incorporating Fallout elements into the Call of Duty games, developers are likely aiming to capitalize on the heightened interest surrounding the Fallout series.

The leaked information indicates that a cosmetics pack will be introduced in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, allowing players to customize their Operators to resemble post-apocalyptic wasteland survivors from the Fallout universe. The Call of Duty: Vault Dweller Tracer Pack is expected to feature the iconic blue jumpsuit from Fallout, in addition to themed weapons. However, the initial glimpse of the crossover has left some fans feeling underwhelmed. Rather than introducing unique Fallout characters like Vault Boy or the Ghoul as Operator skins, it appears that the customization options will mainly consist of standard Operators sporting Vault clothing.

Potential for Improvement

As a lukewarm enthusiast of both franchises, it is disappointing to see such a limited scope for the crossover. With the Fallout TV series capturing audience attention, developers could have leveraged this momentum to introduce more impactful and recognizable elements from the Fallout universe into Call of Duty. The absence of distinct Fallout characters as Operator skins may dampen the novelty of the collaboration for fans who were hoping for a deeper integration of the two worlds. However, it is essential to remember that the leaked details are not yet confirmed, leaving room for potential surprises or enhancements in the official reveal.

While the prospect of a Call of Duty and Fallout crossover is intriguing, the current leaked information suggests a relatively superficial integration of the two franchises. The decision to focus on Vault-themed cosmetics for Operators, without incorporating iconic Fallout characters, may not fully satisfy fans expecting a more immersive and engaging collaboration. Nevertheless, it is worth reserving judgment until the official release of the crossover content to see if developers have additional surprises in store. Until then, the image of Captain Price in a blue jumpsuit serves as a reminder of the mixed expectations surrounding this highly-anticipated crossover.


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