Upon examining the new iPad Pro, it is evident that the device remains structurally sound in various durability tests. From the microscopic examination of the OLED screen to the dismantling of the Magic Keyboard, the device showcases its engineering prowess. However, it is important to note that the charging port emerges as a significant weak point in the tablet’s design, with vertical bends resulting in cracks at this junction.

To further evaluate the new iPad Pro’s durability, it is crucial to consider its thermal resilience. While the device withstands horizontal bends due to the central spine providing structural support, vertical bends pose a challenge. The crack near the charging port highlights a potential vulnerability that users should be aware of when handling the tablet.

Impact Resistance

One notable aspect of the durability testing is the impact resistance of the iPad Pro. Despite some aggressive bending attempts, the device manages to hold up well overall. The charging port’s susceptibility to damage underscores the importance of handling the tablet with care to prevent structural issues.

In comparison to previous models, the latest iPad Pro demonstrates significant improvements in durability. While earlier versions may have faltered under stress, the new iteration proves to be more resilient. The recognition of the charging port as a key weak point in the device’s design serves as a valuable insight for users looking to protect their investment.

The durability testing of the new iPad Pro reveals a device that is well-equipped to withstand common usage scenarios. While no gadget is completely immune to damage, the improvements made to the latest model suggest that users can have confidence in the tablet’s ability to endure everyday wear and tear. As creators and testers continue to put the iPad Pro through its paces, it is clear that Apple has made strides in enhancing the device’s sturdiness and longevity.


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