Apple is reportedly in discussions with major news publishers to obtain licenses for their news archives, with the aim of using this data to train its generative AI systems. The company is said to be exploring multiyear deals worth at least $50 million, and has reached out to prominent publications like Condé Nast, NBC News, and IAC. However, the response from publishers has been mixed, as they may be held liable for any legal issues arising from Apple’s use of their content. While Apple’s artificial intelligence efforts have not received as much attention as those of rivals like OpenAI and Google, the company is investing heavily in this area, reportedly spending millions of dollars per day on AI-related projects.

According to The New York Times, publishers approached by Apple have expressed concerns about potential legal liabilities that may arise from the use of their content in Apple’s generative AI systems. Apple has reportedly been vague about its plans for news and AI, leaving publishers uncertain about any legal consequences they might face. The reluctance of publishers to fully embrace Apple’s proposal could be attributed to these concerns, as they may be unwilling to assume such risks without clarity.

While some publishers have reservations about Apple’s proposition, other news executives have shown a more positive attitude towards potential partnerships with the tech giant. These executives may view collaboration with Apple as an opportunity to tap into the company’s extensive resources and technological expertise. However, the specific views of various news executives were not disclosed in the report, leaving room for speculation on the overall sentiment within the industry.

Although Apple’s AI initiatives have received less attention than those of its competitors, the company is diligently working to catch up. It recently released a machine learning framework tailored for Apple Silicon, enabling developers to create models optimized for Apple’s hardware. Moreover, Bloomberg reported that Apple is actively developing an improved version of Siri and planning AI-focused features for the next major iOS release. These investments highlight Apple’s commitment to expanding its AI capabilities and integrating them into its popular product ecosystem.

Apple would not be the first tech company to partner with news organizations for AI training. OpenAI has previously signed agreements with the Associated Press and Politico parent company, Axel Springer, to use their news stories for training its AI models. Similarly, Google has also declared its intention to develop AI-powered tools to assist journalists. These collaborations reflect a growing trend of technology companies leveraging news archives to enhance their AI systems’ understanding of human language and current events.

Apple’s discussions with major news publishers about licensing their news archives for AI training exhibit the company’s dedication to advancing its AI capabilities. While some publishers have expressed concerns about legal liabilities, others see potential benefits in partnering with Apple. As Apple continues to invest heavily in AI development, it has the opportunity to strengthen its AI offerings and potentially reshape the way news is consumed and generated in the future.


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