Apple is set to unveil its AI capabilities at WWDC 2024, with a different approach than its competitors. Rather than focusing on flashy features showcased by companies like Google and Microsoft, Apple is expected to introduce more practical AI features. Rumors suggest that Apple will partner with OpenAI to integrate chatbots into its operating systems, specifically with ChatGPT. Additionally, discussions with Google and Anthropic are ongoing to enhance AI capabilities further.

One of the significant improvements that Apple may announce is a “smart recap” feature. This feature will summarize missed notifications, texts, web pages, news articles, documents, and other forms of media. This could be especially beneficial for managing overwhelming iOS notifications and staying organized. The Voice Memo app is also poised to receive AI-generated transcripts, which could be useful for referencing interview recordings or recording lecture notes for students.

Apple devices already offer practical AI features such as auto-generated voicemail transcripts and system-wide captions. The company is reportedly planning to introduce AI-powered enhancements to Spotlight search, internet searches with Safari, and writing suggestions for emails and texts. Additionally, AI may be used to retouch photos and generate emoji based on text inputs, while ensuring sensitivity and avoiding controversial outputs seen in other companies’ AI features.

Apple could showcase a more natural-sounding voice for Siri based on its large language models, along with enhanced Siri functionality on the Apple Watch. The goal is to process most AI tasks locally on the devices, but more complex tasks may require offloading processing to Apple’s M2 Ultra-based servers. Devices released within the last year are expected to benefit the most from these new on-device AI features.

In addition to AI advancements, Apple may introduce an iOS 18 feature that allows users to customize their app icons with different colors, providing a more personalized experience. This feature aligns with the trend of user customization and could simplify the process of changing app icons. Furthermore, users may have the flexibility to arrange app icons on the home screen as they prefer, departing from the traditional top-to-bottom, left-to-right arrangement enforced by iOS.

Apple’s approach to AI focuses on practicality and enhancing the user experience across its devices. By leveraging AI capabilities to streamline tasks, improve organization, and offer customization options, Apple aims to provide a more seamless and intuitive user experience. As the company continues to innovate in the AI space, users can expect enhanced features that integrate seamlessly into their daily routines.


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