Gigabyte showcased their latest motherboard offerings at Computex 2021, featuring both Intel and AMD’s next-generation chips. While the AMD X870E Aorus Extreme was on full display, the Intel boards were shrouded in mystery with redacted processors and sockets labeled as the “Next-gen Z Aero G.”

Despite the secrecy surrounding the Intel boards, clues hinted at a possible Gigabyte Z890 motherboard. The presence of a prominent Intel badge on the socket, along with the labeling of “LGA 1851” on the CPU retaining clip, pointed towards the new Intel CPU socket with 1851 pins. The mention of “Next-gen” in the board’s name further solidified the speculation, suggesting compatibility with Intel’s Arrow Lake chips.

Among the showcased motherboards was the “Next-gen Z Aorus Elite X Ice” board, adding to the intrigue of Gigabyte’s lineup. The sleek design of the Aero G board, featuring clean lines and a white color scheme, stood out for its minimalist aesthetic. However, Gigabyte also offered classic black finishes for those who prefer a more traditional look.

In addition to the new motherboard designs, Gigabyte revisited their reverse connector boards, initially introduced under Project Stealth. Legal challenges in the US delayed the release until an agreement was reached with the patent holder. The resurgence of reverse connectors garnered support from various case manufacturers at Computex, signaling a favorable response to the innovative design.

Gigabyte’s showcase at Computex 2021 unveiled a range of exciting motherboard options for both Intel and AMD platforms. The blend of cutting-edge technology, innovative features, and sleek aesthetics showcased Gigabyte’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of motherboard design. As the industry gears up for the release of new chips and sockets, Gigabyte’s offerings promise to deliver top-tier performance and style for PC enthusiasts.


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