For those of us who may never have the opportunity to venture into outer space, there is still a way to bring a piece of the universe into our homes. With the release of new Lego space sets, you can embark on a galactic journey right from your living room. These sets are not just your ordinary Lego collections – they are artistic recreations of the Milky Way Galaxy and NASA’s Artemis Space Launch System, featuring over 3,000 pieces each.

The Lego Insiders program offers an exclusive early access to these space-themed building kits. Members of the program can get their hands on The Milky Way Galaxy and NASA’s Artemis Space Launch System sets before anyone else. However, if you are not a member of the program, fear not. The sets will be available for purchase to the general public starting May 18th. Keep in mind that these sets are only available at the Lego Store and will not be found at other major retailers.

The $200 Lego set depicting the Milky Way galaxy is not just a typical Lego project. With its intricate design and over 3,000 pieces, this set aims to bring the beauty of the universe into your home. The set includes unique features such as a tiny Gaia space telescope, the Crab Nebula, and a plaque indicating your position in the Milky Way galaxy. While this may be a challenging build, the end result is a stunning piece of wall art measuring 26 inches in width and 16 inches in height.

For those who are fascinated by space exploration, the $260 Lego set of NASA’s Artemis Space Launch System is a must-have. This highly detailed set consists of 3,601 pieces that come together to create a multi-stage rocket with solid-fuel boosters, an Orion capsule, and a mobile launch tower. Standing at 28 inches tall when fully assembled, this model captures the essence of NASA’s ongoing Artemis campaign. The real-life rocket is expected to generate an impressive 4 million KGs of thrust upon launch.

If you find yourself craving more space-themed Lego sets, there are other options to explore. Tales of the Space Age, available at a discounted price on Amazon, offers a different yet equally captivating experience for space enthusiasts. With so many opportunities to bring the wonders of the universe into your home, there is no shortage of exciting builds to choose from.

Lego has once again proven its ability to capture the essence of space exploration and bring it to life through intricate and engaging building sets. Whether you are a seasoned Lego enthusiast or someone looking to add a touch of the cosmos to your home, these space sets offer a unique and rewarding building experience. So why wait? Embark on your own space adventure today with these stunning Lego creations.


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