CCP Games, the studio behind the popular EVE Online MMO, has been persistent in their efforts to create an FPS set in the universe of their flagship game. Despite facing setbacks with previous attempts, they announced EVE Vanguard last September as their fourth crack at it. The roadmap for EVE Vanguard includes several open betas and a tentative release date post-November. The roadmap, while vague, outlines plans for more economic links between the shooter and the MMO, weapon customisation options, diverse environments, more progression options, and expanded gameplay elements.

EVE Vanguard is not the first attempt by CCP Games to create a standalone shooter tied to EVE Online. Previous projects, like Dust 514 and Project Legion, have come and gone without achieving long-term success. Dust 514 launched in 2013 for PlayStation 3 but was eventually shut down. Project Legion was announced in 2014 but never materialized. In 2018, Project Nova was showcased but was ultimately canceled in 2020. Despite these past failures, CCP Games remains committed to the idea of integrating a shooter into the EVE universe.

In an article by Julian Benson, he discusses why CCP Games has persisted in trying to develop an EVE Online shooter for 15 years. He points out that EVE Vanguard has the potential for success due to its close ties to EVE Online. CCP describes Vanguard as a module of EVE rather than its own standalone game, emphasizing the connection between the two through a shared client. Additionally, the PvPvE pitch of Vanguard showcases the unique gameplay experience it aims to offer, potentially setting it apart from previous attempts.

Overall, EVE Vanguard represents CCP Games’ ongoing efforts to expand the EVE Online universe and provide players with new and exciting experiences. Despite facing challenges and setbacks in the past, the studio remains determined to make this FPS project a success. Only time will tell if EVE Vanguard will be the breakthrough they have been seeking for so long.


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