CD Projekt Red, the renowned game developer behind titles such as The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077, has made their stance on microtransactions clear. In a recent interview with a Polish investor site, the chief financial officer Piotr Nielubowicz emphasized that they do not see a place for microtransactions in singleplayer games.

Despite their firm stance on singleplayer games, CD Projekt Red is open to the possibility of utilizing microtransactions in multiplayer projects. Nielubowicz mentioned in the interview that while they are currently focusing on The Witcher 4 and a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, they are also working on a remake of The Witcher 1 with an external studio.

In the past, CD Projekt Red has offered in-game items bundled with special editions of their games, as well as post-release DLCs that provide additional story content. This approach has been well-received by players, with the most recent DLC for Cyberpunk 2077, titled Phantom Liberty, being particularly praised.

As a player myself, I often find myself contemplating the idea of upgrading my PC for better gaming experiences. The thought of replaying Cyberpunk 2077 with enhanced graphics settings is enticing, showcasing the lasting appeal of CD Projekt Red’s games even years after their initial release.

CD Projekt Red’s commitment to providing high-quality singleplayer experiences without the intrusion of microtransactions sets them apart in the gaming industry. Their focus on engaging storytelling and immersive gameplay has earned them a dedicated fan base, and their future projects continue to generate excitement among gamers worldwide.


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