June was a relatively quiet month for Nintendo Switch eShop releases, with only a handful of standout titles making their digital debut. While the big physical releases like Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance and Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD garnered attention, it’s important not to overlook the gems that launched exclusively on the eShop.

Exploring the Top Picks

Among the top three eShop games of June, there were some unexpected surprises and well-deserved recognitions. Let’s take a closer look at the standout titles that captured the hearts of both our staff and contributors.

Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked may have been overshadowed in the ’90s platformer scene, but this collection breathes new life into Konami’s iconic Sparkster. With a blend of classic gameplay and modern enhancements, it’s a nostalgic journey that appeals to both old fans and newcomers. As described in our review, it’s a timeless piece of work that deserves a spot in every Switch owner’s library.


Dicefolk impressed us with its unique blend of monster-catching, roguelite elements, and deckbuilding mechanics. The game’s attractive art style, engaging combat system, and meaningful player choices set it apart as a brilliant addition to the eShop lineup. Mitch Vogel’s review on Nintendo Life praised its accessibility and fun factor, making it a standout title in a sea of eShop releases.

Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition

Taking the top spot for June is Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition. This classic title has been remastered with visual and auditory upgrades, along with additional content that enriches the overall experience. Ubisoft’s treatment of this beloved game showcases a deep respect for its legacy, and playing it two decades later still feels as captivating as it did in 2003. Returning to the world of Hillys is a nostalgic trip that reminds us of the magic of storytelling in gaming.

At Nintendo Life, our staff vote on their favorite eShop titles each month, based on a curated list of digital-only releases for the Nintendo Switch. To be eligible for consideration, these games must have been reviewed by our team and launched exclusively on the eShop during that month. Each staff member selects three games, assigning points to their top choices. The titles with the highest point totals make it to the top-three list, with the highest-voted game earning the coveted top prize.

June may have been a quieter month for Switch eShop releases, but the quality of the titles that graced the digital storefront was undeniable. From nostalgic platformers to innovative roguelites, the eShop continues to be a hub of creativity and diversity in the gaming landscape. As we look forward to the future releases on the platform, it’s clear that the eShop remains a vital space for both indie developers and established studios to showcase their talents and capture the hearts of players around the world.


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