It has been almost three years since Celeste and TowerFall developers, Extremely OK Games, gave fans a glimpse of their next project, the visually stunning 2D exploration platformer Earthblade. However, despite the initial excitement surrounding the game, the studio recently announced that Earthblade will not be released until at least 2025. Lead creator and director, Maddy Thorson, shared in a blog update that they had hoped to provide a firm release date by now, but unfortunately, it is not feasible.

Thorson expressed regret over the delay, acknowledging that many fans will be disappointed by the news. Despite the setback, Thorson reassured fans that development on Earthblade is still progressing, albeit slowly. To address some of the issues hindering the game’s development, the studio brought in indie developer and TowerFall world champion, Kyle Pulver, as an additional game designer. Thorson admitted to being overwhelmed by the project’s workload, which led to the realization that outside help was necessary to move the game forward.

In addition to the challenges related to game development, Thorson also opened up about personal struggles, including a gender transition and major surgery, from which they are still recovering. These personal obstacles compounded the difficulties faced by the team in delivering Earthblade to eager fans. Despite the setbacks, Thorson remains optimistic about the project and the team’s ability to see it through to completion.

When Earthblade was first teased in early 2021, Extremely OK Games made it clear that the development timeline was uncertain and that the game would take as long as needed to reach its full potential. The early glimpses of Earthblade showcased a stunning pixel-art style and a soundtrack by the acclaimed composer Lena Raine, known for their work on the Celeste OST. While the game’s release has been pushed back, fans can still look forward to experiencing the unique world of Earthblade in the future.

Overall, the delay in Earthblade’s release serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of game development and the importance of addressing both technical and personal challenges in the creative process. Despite the setbacks, the team at Extremely OK Games remains committed to delivering a memorable and engaging experience with Earthblade, whenever it finally becomes available to the public.


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