Prytania Media, the company founded by Jeff Strain, has recently announced the closure of its second studio, Possibility Space. This news comes shortly after the closure of Crop Circle Games in March, which was also owned by Prytania Media. Both closures have raised concerns within the industry, particularly due to the circumstances surrounding Possibility Space’s shutdown.

According to a message from Jeff Strain to the studio staff, the closure of Possibility Space was prompted by leaks of confidential company information to a journalist. Strain mentioned receiving a list of topics and questions from a reporter at Kotaku, Ethan Gach, regarding an article he was working on about Prytania Media and the closure of Crop Circle Games. The leaked information included details about Project Vonnegut, the studio’s publishing partner, and internal financial discussions.

Immediate Closure

In the message to the staff, Strain stated that today would be their last day of employment, with no guarantee of severance pay. He mentioned that it would take a few more days to calculate the studio’s remaining financial obligations and determine what could be offered for severance. The sudden closure of the studio has left many employees in a difficult position, especially considering the lack of financial support.

Possibility Space, founded in 2021 as a remote studio, managed to attract talent from various parts of the industry, including well-known figures like Jane Ng, Liz England, and Austin Walker. Despite never announcing a specific project, the studio had ambitious goals and ample resources to achieve them, according to Jeff Strain in an interview with IGN. However, the closure of the studio has left these goals unfulfilled and the future uncertain for the employees.

The closure of Possibility Space follows a pattern set by Crop Circle Games, which shut down after failing to secure further funding for their prototype. The handling of the closures by Prytania Media has been criticized as messy and disrespectful, with some employees feeling blindsided by the sudden layoffs and lack of communication. This raises questions about the company’s leadership and decision-making processes.

In an industry already facing challenges due to layoffs and financial instability, the closure of Possibility Space adds to the uncertainty facing many game developers. The situation is made worse by the lack of transparency and communication from Prytania Media, leaving employees to seek new opportunities on their own. The impact of such closures extends beyond the immediate staff affected and can have a ripple effect on the industry as a whole.

Overall, the closure of Possibility Space raises significant concerns about the practices and leadership of Prytania Media. The handling of the situation, from the leaked information to the abrupt closure of the studio, reflects poorly on the company’s commitment to its employees and the industry at large. Going forward, it will be important for companies like Prytania Media to reconsider their approach to communication, transparency, and employee welfare to avoid similar situations in the future.


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