Shift Up, the developers behind the flashy action-RPG Stellar Blade, are considering a PC release for their successful PlayStation 5 exclusive. This move comes as no surprise, given the game’s strong sales on the console platform. The studio’s latest financial report indicates that they are exploring the possibility of expanding the game’s reach to other platforms to attract more players and increase sales. The report also mentions a potential sequel to Stellar Blade, highlighting the game’s “great potential” as a franchise akin to popular titles like God of War and Final Fantasy.

Shift Up’s strategy for future games involves creating successful multi-platform solutions based on their experience with previous titles such as Destiny Child, Victory: Nikke, and Stellar Blade. While Destiny Child and Stellar Blade have not yet made their way to PC, Victory: Nikke, the studio’s maiden-recruiting third-person shooter, was released on PC in February. The report emphasizes the importance of expanding the user base by releasing games on various platforms to increase the number of players.

In addition to considering a PC release for Stellar Blade, Shift Up is working on a new game codenamed Project Witches, which is set to come to PC, console, and mobile platforms. However, the studio’s high expectations for Project Witches as the next-generation mega subculture IP may indicate that it will be more of a multi-platform gacha game similar to Nikke, rather than a technically polished action-RPG like Stellar Blade. This shift in focus suggests that Shift Up is diversifying their portfolio with different types of games to appeal to a wider audience.

While Shift Up’s plans for Stellar Blade and Project Witches show promise in terms of expanding their reach and attracting new players, there are some potential challenges ahead. Transitioning a successful console exclusive like Stellar Blade to PC involves adapting the game for a different platform and addressing potential issues with content moderation. Additionally, the shift towards a multi-platform gacha game with Project Witches may not appeal to all players who enjoyed Stellar Blade’s more traditional action-RPG gameplay. Overall, Shift Up’s future success will be determined by their ability to adapt to the evolving gaming landscape and meet the expectations of their diverse player base.


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