Upon attempting to play the new RPG game, Wuthering Waves, on the Steam Deck, it quickly becomes apparent that the process is not as straightforward as anticipated. Despite efforts to work around the issues, it seems that achieving success in launching the game on the Steam Deck is met with numerous obstacles.

Initially, one can attempt to install the Epic Games Store release of Wuthering Waves either directly or through Lutris. Additionally, utilizing Proton GE can assist in getting the game’s launcher to run. However, despite these initial attempts, the game fails to boot properly, leading to a frustrating dead-end.

Even after trying various software combinations, compatibility tools, and delving into the depths of the installation folders, the ultimate challenge remains – the inability to launch the game successfully. Reinstalling the game, experimenting with different Proton versions, and even running the Epic launcher in the Steam Deck’s Desktop Mode prove ineffective in resolving the issue.

While SteamOS has made significant progress in improving compatibility with a wide range of games, certain titles, like Wuthering Waves, still pose compatibility challenges. Despite Valve’s ongoing efforts to enhance compatibility, there are instances where certain games may simply not run as expected on the Steam Deck.

For those unwilling to wait for a potential fix from Proton or the game developers, one alternative is to run the Android version of Wuthering Waves on the Steam Deck using Waydroid. This process involves creating a virtual Android system within the Linux-based SteamOS, offering a potential workaround for playing the game on the platform.

While the process of running the Android version of Wuthering Waves on the Steam Deck through Waydroid may be complex and involve command-line actions, patience and perseverance could ultimately lead to success. External resources, such as installation guides from experienced users like Youtuber 10 Minute Steam Deck Gamer, can also provide valuable insights and instructions for navigating these technical challenges.

The journey to troubleshoot and play RPG Wuthering Waves on the Steam Deck is riddled with technical hurdles and limitations. Despite the best efforts to find workarounds and solutions, some games may still prove to be incompatible with the SteamOS platform. However, exploring alternative methods, such as running the Android version of the game using tools like Waydroid, and seeking assistance from the community, can potentially unlock the door to enjoying the game on the Steam Deck.


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