The FC 24 Golazo campaign in EA Sports’ Ultimate Team has brought about a new wave of excitement among gamers, focusing entirely on Icons and Heroes from the past. This unique approach has garnered attention and sparked curiosity among players who are eager to unlock legendary players such as Johan Cruyff and Cafu. However, a closer look at the campaign reveals both its strengths and weaknesses, shedding light on the overall gameplay experience.

The transition from the popular FC 24 FUT Birthday campaign to FC 24 Golazo marked a significant shift in focus, excluding contemporary players in favor of honoring yesteryear stars. This decision aimed at reliving iconic moments in football history, celebrating the goals that defined the careers of legendary players. While this nostalgic approach added a sense of sentimentality to the campaign, it also limited the variety of players available, particularly in terms of keepers and defenders.

The release of FC 24 Golazo Team 1 introduced an impressive lineup of top-rated Icons and Heroes, with Johan Cruyff leading the pack with a staggering OVR of 97. Other notable names such as Bobby Charlton, Cafu, and Birgit Prinz followed closely behind with ratings of 94. The Heroes list also featured standout players like Dimitar Berbatov and David Ginola, offering a diverse selection of cards for players to collect and utilize in their squads.

One of the major highlights of the FC 24 Golazo campaign is the opportunity to unlock an 89-rated Robin van Persie card through a series of objectives. These objectives, ranging from scoring specific types of goals to winning matches with certain player requirements, provide a challenge for players to test their skills and strategize their gameplay. The reward of adding a legendary player like van Persie to your team adds an extra layer of excitement and accomplishment to the overall experience.

As the FC 24 Golazo campaign progresses, players can anticipate the release of additional players and updated cards in Team 2. This ongoing update cycle keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging, encouraging players to stay active and participate in various FUT modes to earn rewards. Additionally, the inclusion of free packs and rewards for completing objectives incentivizes players to actively engage with the campaign and strive for greater achievements.

The FC 24 Golazo campaign offers a unique and nostalgic experience for Ultimate Team players, focusing on honoring football legends from the past. While the campaign’s emphasis on Icons and Heroes adds a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality to the gameplay, it also limits the diversity of players available. Unlocking legendary players like Johan Cruyff and completing objectives to earn rewards like Robin van Persie adds depth and excitement to the overall experience. As the campaign continues to evolve and introduce new updates, players can look forward to engaging with fresh content and challenges in the world of Ultimate Team.


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