Bandai Namco recently unveiled Gundam Breaker 4 during Nintendo’s Partner Showcase, stirring up excitement among fans of the franchise. However, the announcement left much to be desired in terms of providing concrete details about the game.

While the concept of creating your own “ultimate” Gundam and engaging in combat missions sounds promising, it does not seem to offer anything groundbreaking or innovative. The idea of customizing your Gunpla with various parts from over 250 base kits is not particularly fresh or exciting for long-time fans of the series.

The upcoming closed network tests scheduled to take place in Japan raise concerns about the readiness of Gundam Breaker 4 for a global audience. The limited scope of the tests, including a visual lobby for only 24 players and online multiplayer mode for three units, may not accurately reflect the game’s performance under real-world conditions.

The “Gundam Breaker News Station” broadcast that showcased more than 25 minutes of gameplay did little to impress viewers. The lackluster presentation failed to highlight any significant improvements or features that set Gundam Breaker 4 apart from its predecessors.

While the announcement of Gundam Breaker 4 generated excitement among fans, the lack of substantial information, innovation, and impressive gameplay footage leaves much to be desired. Bandai Namco needs to address these concerns and deliver a truly exceptional gaming experience to win over fans of the Gundam franchise.


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