The developers at Bohemia Interactive have finally decided to bring their survival shooter game, Vigor, to PC after being available on consoles for over half a decade. Despite the game’s origins on PC with the Arma series and DayZ, Vigor took its time to make its way back to its original platform. The decision to snub PC gamers for so long raises questions about why the developers chose this path and what challenges they faced in adapting the game for a new platform.

The World of Vigor

Vigor is set in a post-apocalyptic Norway in an alternate nineties, where players take on the role of Outlanders navigating a wasteland filled with rival survivor groups and factions. The gameplay allows for solo play or teaming up with others to engage in various modes such as Shootout deathmatches, team Elimination battles, and Loot Events. By successfully completing encounters, players can gather resources to upgrade their shelter, craft weapons, and collect materials, following a classic survival-crafting loop.

While Vigor has been free-to-play on consoles, the PC release will enter early access on Steam next month. Players interested in getting a head start can purchase the Reinforcements Pack for $20, granting access to exclusive in-game items and bonuses. The early access period is expected to last for three months, during which progress will be wiped before the game’s official full release.

Bohemia Interactive emphasizes the importance of early feedback from players to refine and improve the game before its full release. The decision to launch Vigor on PC in early access is driven by the need to address challenges and issues specific to the platform. The experience gained from developing the game for consoles has informed the approach to adapting it for PC and ensuring a smooth transition for players.

Adapting Vigor for PC presented significant challenges for the developers, which may explain the delay in bringing the game back to its original platform. One of the long-requested changes is an overhaul to the game’s gunplay, which will be tested and refined during the early access phase on Steam. The developers are committed to addressing player feedback and improving the overall gameplay experience based on community input.

The early access release of Vigor on Steam is scheduled for May, with plans to transition to a fully free-to-play model towards the end of summer. Cross-play functionality will allow PC players to engage with their console counterparts, further expanding the player base and fostering a competitive community. As Vigor makes its way back to PC, players can expect new content, enhancements, and improvements based on ongoing feedback and development efforts.


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