The recent PlayStation 5 update has resulted in the blocking of the widely used “controller emulator” called the Cronus Zen. This comes as no surprise considering that some players have been exploiting this device to cheat in games. It was first discovered by CharlieIntel, who shared the information via The Verge. In response, Cronus has released a notice on their website confirming that the Zen will no longer connect to the PlayStation 5 following the 24.01-08.60.00 update.

Although the update itself does not explicitly mention any new anti-cheating measures, the sudden incompatibility does raise suspicions about Sony’s intention. It is plausible to speculate that Sony deliberately disabled the device without making it conspicuous to avoid giving undue attention to cheating devices. The absence of any mention of cheating devices in the update notes strengthens this assumption. Sony may have found a way to discreetly disconnect the Cronus Zen to crack down on cheaters in online gaming.

While this may appear to be solely a console gaming issue, it is important to note that the Cronus Zen, though not officially supported, is also compatible with PCs. In fact, the company even provides a setup guide for PC users. The device serves a range of purposes that can be considered legitimate, such as allowing players to connect unsupported controllers, mice, and keyboards to consoles. However, it is the script engine’s ability to “amplify your game” that has sparked controversy.

The Cronus Zen offers features that can provide players with an unfair advantage in games. These include reducing recoil from gunfire, enabling aim-assist functions on mouse and keyboard setups, and altering various settings to gain an in-game advantage. Consequently, this has led to significant backlash within the gaming community. A quick search on YouTube reveals numerous videos discussing the Cronus Zen, ranging from tutorials on how to use it to angry rants condemning its usage. However, it is important to note that some of the discussions can become quite heated, with participants engaging in impolite tones.

Prior Crackdowns on Illegitimate Devices

This is not the first time a company has taken action against the improper use of a device like the Cronus Zen. Developers of popular shooters such as Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone have already implemented measures to disable and detect third-party hardware devices that could be exploited to gain an unfair advantage. While the Cronus Zen may have legitimate applications, it is difficult to evoke sympathy for gamers who used it to rise to the top of leaderboards but are now denied that pleasure due to the new update. It is possible that some players have reverted to previous versions to continue their unethical practices.

For those unaffected by the blocking of the Cronus Zen, there is a silver lining. The update serves as a call to those who have been using the device to cheat, urging them to abandon their unfair practices and join the rest of the gaming community in legitimate gameplay. Embracing fair play not only ensures a level playing field but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among players. So, let us join forces and revel in the shared experience of multiplayer games, where both challenge and camaraderie abound.


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