Dave Filoni has become a household name when it comes to Star Wars. Known for his work on various Star Wars television projects, Filoni’s contributions have been instrumental in shaping the Star Wars universe. Now, Filoni is embarking on a new journey as he takes on the role of Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm.

In an interview with VanityFair, Filoni revealed that his new role as Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm will allow him to be involved in Star Wars projects from their inception. In the past, Filoni would often be brought into projects at a later stage of development, but now, he will have the opportunity to contribute much earlier in the creative process. Working closely with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and executive vice president Carrie Beck, Filoni’s insights and expertise will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of Star Wars.

A Helping Hand in Storytelling

While Filoni acknowledges that he won’t be dictating what others should do, he sees his role as a means to help storytellers bring their visions to life. Drawing on his experience producing and directing Star Wars projects, Filoni aims to offer guidance and support to fellow creators in order to tell the best stories possible. His deep understanding of the Star Wars universe and his passion for the franchise position him as a valuable asset in the creative process.

Continuing His Own Star Wars Journey

Despite his new position, Filoni remains committed to developing his own previously announced Star Wars film. This film is expected to bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, providing fans with a deeper understanding of the narrative timeline. Filoni’s dedication to both his role as Chief Creative Officer and his personal projects demonstrates his unwavering commitment to the Star Wars universe.

Expanding the Star Wars Universe

As Filoni takes on his new role, fans eagerly await the announcement of a second season of Ahsoka, one of Filoni’s recent projects. With almost 90 episodes of Star Wars animated series and six live-action episodes under his belt, Filoni’s contributions to the franchise are undeniable. His expertise will undoubtedly shape the future of Star Wars storytelling.

No Cancellations, but New Ventures Await

Filoni’s promotion does not mean the cancellation of any known Star Wars films. Lucasfilm and Disney are currently working on several exciting projects, including a film exploring the ancient origins of the Force by Logan director James Mangold and a film centered around Daisy Ridley’s character Rey from the latest trilogy, directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Additionally, two new television series, The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew, are in the works, further expanding the Star Wars universe.

With Filoni assuming his role as Chief Creative Officer, the Star Wars universe enters a new era of storytelling. His involvement from the inception phase ensures a more comprehensive approach to world-building and character development. Just as the Jedi Council advised and guided the Jedi Knights, Filoni aims to offer his expertise to the creators of Star Wars, helping them craft captivating narratives and unforgettable journeys through the galaxy.

Dave Filoni’s appointment as Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm marks a significant milestone in Star Wars history. His contributions have been immeasurable, and fans can look forward to an even more enriched and immersive Star Wars experience as a result of Filoni’s elevated role. As he continues to shape the franchise, Filoni’s dedication to storytelling and his love for the Star Wars universe remain unwavering. The future of Star Wars has never been brighter, and fans can eagerly anticipate the captivating narratives and thrilling adventures that lie ahead.


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