In an exciting development, Day of the Devs, the prominent organizers of indie game showcases, have recently announced their transformation into a non-profit organization. This announcement marks a significant milestone for the group, as they have simultaneously launched their first fundraising campaign and disclosed the dates for their upcoming events throughout the year. Day of the Devs initially originated more than ten years ago in 2012, when the renowned Psychonauts studio Double Fine joined forces with merchandising company iam8bit. Although the inaugural event exclusively occurred in person and solely featured indie games in San Francisco, it has since evolved into an online platform, showcasing an impressive array of new and forthcoming indie titles.

The official declaration of Day of the Devs as a fully independent 501c3 non-profit organization has many implications. Firstly, this change enables the group to explore alternative methods of fundraising while remaining committed to maintaining complete transparency regarding the allocation of donated funds. It is paramount for Day of the Devs to emphasize that they are unbiased and supportive of all gaming platforms equally. These efforts are reinforced by the launch of their inaugural fundraising campaign on FundraiseUP. Supporters who contribute to this campaign will be rewarded with enticing perks such as game keys, tickets, and merchandise, thereby fostering a close-knit relationship between the organization and its generous patrons. The funds raised will primarily finance event venues, staff wages, equipment, video production costs, and general operational expenses.

Day of the Devs has seamlessly integrated its showcases into the fabric of the gaming industry, aligning its dates with both the prestigious Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards. This harmonious collaboration began in 2020 and will continue into the future, as the organization has confirmed its participation in Summer Game Fest in June and The Game Awards in December, offering an unrivaled opportunity for indie developers to showcase their creations on an international stage. Furthermore, Day of the Devs has planned a captivating in-person event, the Day of the Devs: San Francisco, scheduled for March. This event promises to be truly memorable, treating attendees to a series of exclusive affairs. Notably, in March, the organization will also host various special events, including a GDC edition of the showcase during the highly anticipated developers’ conference and a ticketed extravaganza at the renowned San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Day of the Devs co-founder, Tim Schafer, expressed his elation at the organization’s newfound independence, comparing it to the creative freedom enjoyed by the remarkable indie games that the showcases revolve around. This exciting transition into a non-profit entity symbolizes the dawn of a new era for Day of the Devs, one that is marked by inclusivity, transparency, and unwavering support for indie game developers. As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the upcoming events organized by Day of the Devs, it is evident that this distinguished organization continues to demonstrate remarkable commitment to advancing the indie gaming scene and showcasing the incredible talents of developers worldwide.


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