The popular metroidvania game, Dead Cells, is taking a new direction with the announcement of a full animated television series. Produced by French animation studio Bobbypills, known for their excellent animated trailers for the game, this new series is set to bring the world of Dead Cells to life in a whole new way. The first trailer for the series has been released, showcasing a different animation style from the trailers, which adds a fresh and unique perspective to the beloved game.

One of the standout features of the Dead Cells animated series is its comedic approach to the subject matter. Instead of taking the lore of the game too seriously, the series seems to focus on the lighthearted and fun aspects of Dead Cells. This choice reflects the gameplay experience itself, which is all about the thrill of rolling, dashing, and defeating enemies. The use of comedy in the series, along with gags derived from the animation style, adds an entertaining twist to the familiar world of Dead Cells.

Fans eager to dive into the world of Dead Cells through the animated series won’t have to wait long. The series is scheduled to release on June 19th on ADN (France), the Animation Digital Network’s online streaming service. While an English version is set to follow later in the year, viewers can still enjoy the original release with the help of English subtitles. This accessibility ensures that fans around the world can join in on the animated adventures of Dead Cells.

As fans gear up for the release of the Dead Cells animated series, the game itself continues to evolve. The recent final update and DLC have provided players with new content and experiences within the game. Additionally, the original developers Motion Twin are working on a new roguelike game titled Windblown, set to release later this year. Meanwhile, spin-off studio Evil Empire is preparing to launch The Rogue Princes Of Persia, a licensed roguelite game that promises to expand on the beloved Dead Cells universe.

Overall, the announcement of the Dead Cells animated series marks an exciting new chapter for fans of the game. With its fresh animation style, comedic approach, and upcoming availability, the series is poised to capture the hearts of viewers and bring the world of Dead Cells to life in a whole new light.


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