Recently, there has been a surge in rumours regarding the highly anticipated Switch 2, with the latest information allegedly coming from Chinese peripheral manufacturer Mobapad. While the details provided by Mobapad may sound enticing to eager fans, it is crucial to approach such information with skepticism due to the questionable reliability of the source.

According to Mobapad’s blog post, the Switch 2 is described as a “conservative evolution” of the current models, resembling a “refined Pro model.” Among the supposed upgrades are a larger screen with 1080p resolution, revamped Joy-Con controllers with an electromagnetic suction docking structure, and metallic ‘ZL’ and ‘ZR’ buttons. Additionally, new buttons on the sides and a function button below the Home button are said to be included. However, the lack of specific details on these new features raises doubts about the validity of the claims made by Mobapad.

Backward Compatibility Claims

One of the most appealing aspects mentioned in the alleged leaks is the full backward compatibility of the Switch 2 with both digital and physical Switch games. The inclusion of a cartridge slot for current Switch carts, as well as compatibility with existing Joy-Con controllers and Pro Controllers, adds to the excitement surrounding the rumored console. However, without official confirmation from Nintendo, these claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

The purported improvements to the Switch 2’s dock, such as a metal damping bracket for angle adjustment and support for 4K resolution, sound impressive on the surface. However, the fact that these details align with fan expectations and existing technological trends raises suspicions about their authenticity. It is essential to remain cautious when evaluating such claims, especially when they align too closely with fan desires.

While the prospect of a Switch 2 with enhanced features is undoubtedly exciting for fans of the popular console, it is essential to approach rumors with a critical eye. Until Nintendo officially confirms the existence and details of a successor to the Switch, it is advisable to treat such information as speculative and subject to change. While Mobapad’s claims may spark interest and speculation within the gaming community, it is crucial to await legitimate announcements from the company before getting swept up in the hype.


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