Hulks in Helldivers 2 are massive Automaton enemies that pose a significant challenge to players. These foes are equipped with various deadly weapons, including melee weapons, flamethrowers, and machine guns, all of which are covered in thick armor plating. This makes them incredibly lethal and difficult to defeat. However, despite their formidable appearance, Hulks in Helldivers 2 have particular weaknesses that can be exploited to take them down effectively.

One of the key weaknesses of Hulks in Helldivers 2 is their susceptibility to powerful explosives and armor penetration. Regular weapons will not penetrate their thick armor, so using Railguns, Rockets, Stratagems, and explosives is essential. The high-level Orbital Railcannon Strike is particularly effective, as it can automatically target and eliminate the deadliest enemy in the area.

Another critical weakness of Hulks is their tiny head, located in the middle of their body. This is the only spot from the front where they will reliably take damage. While the damage might not be significant, targeting the head is a viable option when relying on regular guns. Additionally, the vent in the back of the Hulk is a major weakness. This glowing vent takes significant damage compared to the rest of the enemy, especially when hit with explosives. Causing enough damage to the vent will trigger a permanent bleed effect on the Hulk, eventually leading to its demise.

Taking down a Hulk in Helldivers 2 is easier said than done, as they tend to march towards players, making it challenging to hit them from behind. It is advisable to have two players working together to lure the Hulks around or to use sentries, static fields, and quick dives to slow them down and hold their attention. Fighting a Hulk at close range is risky, so maintaining a safe distance and utilizing cover is crucial for survival. In a Bot Base with a target structure, players may consider calling in a Hellbomb to eliminate the threat effectively.

Defeating Hulks in Helldivers 2 requires a combination of strategy, knowledge of weaknesses, and teamwork. By exploiting vulnerabilities such as the vent in the back and targeting the head, players can increase their chances of success against these formidable foes. Working together, utilizing powerful explosives, and maintaining a safe distance are essential tactics for overcoming the challenge posed by Hulks in Helldivers 2.


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