The recent launch of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Final Shape, was unfortunately marred by significant server issues. Bungie, the studio behind the game, quickly addressed the problems and took steps to rectify the situation. In a tweet, Bungie acknowledged the connection issues that players were facing and expressed their commitment to resolving them promptly. They assured players that they were working hard to fix the issues and that progress was already being made.

Resolving Error Codes

Following their initial statement, Bungie provided a detailed thread outlining the actions taken to address various error codes that players were encountering. Honeydew errors were swiftly resolved by adjusting the number of Activity Hosts on each server, while Weasel and Plum errors were tackled through server configuration changes. This proactive approach helped in stabilizing the game and making it more playable for the community.

Bungie continued to monitor the player population closely and made adjustments to server capacity to ensure stability. Despite occasional queues due to increasing player numbers, the studio’s goal was to get everyone into the game swiftly. This proactive monitoring and response reflected Bungie’s dedication to providing a smooth gaming experience for Destiny 2 players.

The launch of The Final Shape generated a significant level of interest among players, as evidenced by the record-breaking Steam concurrent player count. Even amidst the server issues, the game attracted a large number of players eager to experience the new expansion. This surge in player activity highlighted the strong appeal of Destiny 2 and the enthusiasm of its player base.

Overall, the launch of Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion faced challenges due to server issues, but Bungie’s swift response and proactive measures helped in overcoming these obstacles. The studio’s commitment to providing a stable and enjoyable gaming experience for players was evident throughout the launch period. With the server issues largely resolved, players could now focus on exploring the new content and enjoying the latest expansion to the fullest.


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